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About us

A-N-T-T is a kingdom-minded HUB that is outside the four walls of the local church. It’s a place of awakening and hosting the manifested presence of Father God. A-N-T-T empowers and equips individuals and the next generation for the overall assignment of transforming cities, states, nations, and society as a whole.A-N-T-T has been called to influence society through ministry in the local church and in the market place.

A-N-T-T is built upon the foundation of connectedness that is not only task oriented but also process oriented. It involves setting aside mainstream ways of seeing Kingdom results and becoming “Uncomfortable with the Comfortable” in order to be reproducers of Father’s will in the earth realm.

The visionary:
Dr. Cassaundra Bunkley

Cassaundra Davis Bunkley, D.Min, LMSW is the founder of “A-N-T-T (Apostolic Networking Teaching Training, LLC), a kingdom-minded Hub that hosts the manifested presence of God. A-N-T-T empowers, equips and activates individuals for the overall assignment of transforming society as a whole. Cassaundra is an apostolic and prophetic voice who has been called to pronounce and make prominent the character of ABBA Father in the earth. She has a mandate to bring people and ministries into maturity and empower them to walk in their God-ordained destiny. Under the umbrella of A-N-T-T, Cassaundra has developed a women’s ministry called the “Gathering". The “Gathering” is a special ministry which was birthed out of pain and trauma of women she has personally counseled and provided God-ordained wisdom to, in how to get delivered and stay delivered. The Gathering provides a forum for women to have a voice and to discover and rediscover who they are through teaching, discourse, and the expression of God’s love. She is the Apostolic covering for Kingdom Mantle Ministry, where Pastor Sharon Burns is the Founder. 


Cassaundra is the author of the book, “Transformation for Trauma”, which reads like a journey and affords the reader to undergo a metamorphosis that rids the “self” of negativity, by purging the soul of destructive thoughts and emotions which may lead to harm and self-pity. All of these made possible through God’s love, healing, grace, and power.  


Cassaundra has traveled to Armenia and has presented at Yerevan State University on Adolescent Services. During her time in Armenia, she collaborated with an Armenian non-profit organization on child welfare issues and made recommendations on how to better engage with adolescents in orphanages. She also provided ministry and counsel to several churches related to implementing social work in a church setting.

Cassaundra is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She is the mother of six wonderful children and sixteen grandchildren that bring a twinkle to her eyes as she watches them grow and develop. 

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