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Continuation of Journey Transitions

I have learned much about the prefix “De” during the pandemic. As a Latin prefix, it has the function of undoing or reversing the action of the verb. After decluttering, I have continued in the process of the undoing and reversals. I was in step with the chronological timing as I had approached my three-year mark (2018-2021) of ‘Change.” More importantly, I was in Kairos (the right, critical and opportune time/ moment).The call to crucial action of what has been brooding in my spirit for the last three years and waiting in anticipation for the expected outcome.

In 2020, Holy Spirit impressed in my spirit to “Be Prepared for the Unprepared.” This did not make intelligent sense to me; however, Holy Spirit was teaching me about His navigation and listening intently to when He is speaking- things, which do not match my human wisdom.

What was next on the heart of Abba, was par for the course for preparation and navigation. My intent was to make my physical home more beautiful with some adjustments to my kitchen and new paint throughout the house. Abba’s desire was for me to experience another transformation and He used my home in demonstrating both the process and progress. The transformation entailed the whole person (spirit, soul and body). Here was my pivotal moment- motion and maturation juxtapose. The parallel in time, both equally important. To my surprise, I did not expect what I heard in my spirit. – Deconstruction-- the breaking down of things into components for analysis and assessment. Anatomizing, decoding and unraveling. The origin of deconstruction in the literal sense is tied to building and architecture.

I was going to need many more tools/strategies ,and materials for what was ahead. Deconstruction was not possible without Demolition- tearing down of structures that were outdated, insufficient, too small and had an unstable foundation. I am a person of order and organization, but I am cognizant about not being a perfectionist. Why- because I do not want to create unrealistic standards that are self-made rather than God made. Furthermore, it was more advantageous to put my energy where it was most productive and beneficial. Order meets messiness- I had to engage messiness and frankly, disorder. Messiness and disorder were the things I had judged and criticized. I entered what seemed like a war zone, as I watched with nervousness and reservation, the contractors tearing up areas of my home that were sacred to me. The ability to endure the rigorous process has truly tested my sanity, but as I continue to rest in Abba- during the in between moments, and the be patient whispers from mind to heart, my mantra has become “ It is Well.”

After sitting with the realization that extensive work was required. I asked Abba some questions - What walls are being torn down in me?

What new structures are being erected and established?

What was I making space for that was yet seen?


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