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Journey Transitions

If you are like me, transitions are not a comfortable process. My prayer is that journey transitions will minister to you. The new era came with unexpected life adjustments, and challenges. Yet my sense is that many of us have grown/ matured and learned to appreciate our lives, family and friends from a new and fresh lens.

In 2021, I began the process of “ decluttering my home.” I initially was focused on decluttering as I knew it- getting rid of the unnecessary things in my home and creating spaces that were more functional.

“ Declutter was first recorded in the mid 20th century. It was formed by adding the prefix de- to the verb clutter. The noun originally meant a clotted mass and the earliest verb meaning was to clot or coagulate. “

Medically speaking, coagulation is a critical process, which prevents excessive bleeding when a blood vessel is injured. In more simple terms, when you cut or injure yourself, your body stops the bleeding by forming a blood clot. “ Normal coagulation assists in the healing process. Conversely, blood clotting disorders occur when some clotting factors are missing and damaged.

Although, I did not want to be locked down, it gave me the opportunity to be still and examine my heart and clear my mind. Decluttering was part of my healing where I was unaware that injuries had occurred and it prevented me from figuratively bleeding out. It is related to being healthy holistically( spirit, soul(mind) and body). Decluttering gives us the amazing opportunity and benefit to clean and cleared out the unhealthy and unnecessary things we have stuffed down, shut away and been in denial about.

As I removed clothes from my closet to give to someone that really needed them, there was a sense of relief and freedom. I could sense the breath of God as I inhaled and exhaled with new vigor. As we can all attest to, during the pandemic, the ability to breathe with ease has become so much more precious and unequivocally cannot be taken for granted.

Decluttering has therapeutic benefits as it has been found to be a stress reducer in the long run. It creates an atmosphere/environment of tranquility and assist us in managing our lives with purposeful control and structure.

While decluttering, I openly repented for having copious clothing and shoes I had not worn for many years and simply did not need. I could hear my mother saying to me, “ What are you doing with so many clothes and shoes, and shaking her head with a look of, Really Sandra.”

Abba Father impressed in my spirit that He was taking me through another phase of letting go( surrendering first to Him and secondly to another metamorphosis in being more conformed to His image). It was not an easy or pleasant process at times. I would stop at different intervals to assess if I should keep a piece of clothing or shoes. I still have a second round of decluttering my closet. The victory is in the fact that I gave away seven bags of clothes and three bags of shoes. Holy Spirit did not stop speaking to me at the place of letting go. He gently whispered, “ I am expanding your capacity for me and where I am taking you.” ABBA Father showed me spaces of His glory that were opening up, ceilings that I had reached, but figuratively kept bumping my head because of fear of the unknown. I saw possibilities of walls coming down in me and externally within my living space.

I Corinthians 15:46 paraphrase: First natural and then spiritual. Do not miss or ignore what is going on in your natural environment/ atmosphere. It is most likely tied to a lesson and revelation from Holy Spirit. Your next metamorphosis/ transformation is on the horizon and will require some work on your part. There may be painful moments, frustration, second thoughts and struggle in order to possess the God ordained manifestation of revealed fruit. It is so worth the temporary inconvenience.

Decluttering opened up the pathway for ABBA Father to deal with me about my next journey transition. You will have to wait patiently for my next post- Coming soon!

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