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Words of Wisdom and Declaration:

Three vital words for 2020: Sound, Speaking and Sending Get ready for the new sound we will hear as we enter into the new era. The sound will shake us out of the place of familiarity into unknown places that bring a refreshing and reconstruction of how we hear. We are called to be an essential voice in the earth-realm. Men are speaking lies as if they are the bonafide truth. There is an emphasis on language and the articulation of words from heaven to earth. We will no longer speak the traditions of men and from a religious lens, but as we move in His Glory, the body of Christ shall be truly known as the oracles of God. Here I am Lord, send me. The wrestling and unrest one may sense in one’s spirit Is the prelude to the new territories one will invade, cultivate and establish. Lack of movement is not an option in 2020. If we do not move with Holy Spirit, we will find ourselves left behind.

I speak today to the “ spirit of paralysis and the “spirit of fear”. I pronounce that you are beginning to feel the movement of the Spirit of God in every part of your being. Fear is leaving and you are rising up. There is a shift in your thinking to move in and with Holy Spirit.

~ Apostle Cassaundra Bunkley

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